Notre Dame Cathedral-things to do in Paris France series

Hello everyone, in this article i will explain Notre Dame Cathedral in things to do in Paris France series! Keep in touch and enjoy the reading!

The Notre Dame Cathedral, which is known as the most important religious structure of France, was built between 1163-1334 on the bank of the River Seine, which is considered sacred by the Celts and the Romans. The gothic style and dazzling cathedral are 69 meters high with twin towers.

After the towers of the religious building where the road passing in front of the main gate is called ang Mileage Zero esi, the most interesting sections are the Western Front, the Gülpencereler, the Virgin Crown Gate, the Flying Payangas, the Galerie des Chimeres and the Treasury. Hz. 9,000 people are able to worship at the same time. You will be very interested in having this place really splendid. It’s great that such a structure is so protected.

You can visit the cathedral towers and watch the city from here. In the meantime, the towers can only be reached by reservation. Use the application named ın Jetfile

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