SAINTE CHAPELLE-things to do in Paris France series

Hello everyone, in this article i will explain SAINTE CHAPELLE in things to do in Paris France series! Keep in touch and enjoy the reading!

One of the most famous Gothic structures in the city, Sainte Chapelle Hz. IX. To accommodate the sacred relics of Jesus’ thorny crown, fragments of the cross, and nails. It was built between 1242-1248 on the orders of Louis. So the historical value is very high.

It was severely damaged during the French Revolution. But he has managed to preserve the world’s 13th largest window decoration collection. Also within the religious structure are the Apostle Statues on twelve columns. The decorations are for describing important events such as the bringing of the cross and the nails to the church and the last meal of Jesus.

This place is of spiritual importance, a chapel famous for its elegant decorations. Those who care about history or find historical buildings interesting must come!

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