Located next to the Poly Palace and the architectural aspect of the whiteness and purity of the fountain of paradise is like the Trevi Fountain. The main theme of the fountain is the sea. Clement was the cause, and in 1732 was started by the sculptor Nicola Salvi. In addition, many artists have supported and finished in 30 years. Pay attention to the middle of the structure. Next to this statue is a virgin depicting the source of water.

It is also called as Aşk Çeşmesi. Another feature of the historical work that makes it popular outside of architecture is that among people it is believed that the wishes of those who have paid the fountain over their left shoulder with their right hand are widely accepted. That’s why the daytime pool is quite crowded. Be careful when throwing money where thieves can be. And while you’re in Rome, you make a trial and throw some money into the fountain. This is a little superstition. No hope of life. Maybe your wishes will be accepted. So I strongly advise you to go here during Rome tours.

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